Search Below to See if We Have a TopDek Floor Kit For Your Boat!

We have many popular boat templates already on file. If your boat is one we have listed below, great! You can expedite the whole process and order your new TopDek floor today! If not, no need to sweat. You can order a DIY Template here. If you’d prefer to have your boat professionally scanned by one of our certified installers, give us a call us at 651.360.1044.

Please keep in mind the boat templates listed below have been sent in by our customers, installers and dealers and we cannot guarantee an exact fit. We strongly recommend you order a dry fit template with the purchase of your order. In doing so, we will print, cut and ship you a disposable template to test fit on your boat.  If any adjustments are needed, we will take care of them prior to moving your project to production. This way you can be 100% confident that your new TopDek boat flooring will fit perfect! 

Didn’t Find Your Boat on File?

Don’t panic!  Buy our easy to use DIY templating kit!  Our professional team will digitize your template using our state of the art CAD software.

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