The Gold Standard in Marine Flooring!

Boating is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! It’s your escape from the stress of everyday life. It’s where memories are made, laughs are shared and stories are cultivated and lets be honest, your boat is your baby! That’s why TopDek is dedicated to being more than just another boat floor replacement company.

As the Gold Standard in the synthetic marine flooring and boat industry, TopDek is made from using only the highest quality, non-hazardous, raw materials. Our 100% closed-cell, cross- linked PE/EVA foam, boasts unmatched durability and traction while providing a unique one-of-a-kind look that’s comfortable on the feet and easy to clean! 

100% Closed Cell Foam: Does Not Absorb Water

TopDek marine flooring is not EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam. Our product is made from a marine grade, cross-linked Polyethylene (PE) blended foam that is 100% closed cell, UV resistant and extremely stain, mold and mildew resistant. Made to withstand the harshest marine environments, our PE/EVA foam consistently outperforms EVA foam on all levels and has zero water absorption qualities.

Ultimate Durability

Made from our proprietary cross-linked PE/EVA material, TopDek marine flooring is incredibly durable, more dense and has a higher hardness rating than our competitors EVA foam. 

Excellent Traction: Wet or Dry

When considering different marine flooring options for your boat, safety should be at the top of the list. With a number of different textures to choose from, TopDek marine flooring is an excellent solution for adding traction to your boat. Our non-skid PE/EVA marine flooring not only provides safety where it’s needed most, it also provides style and comfort!

Endless Customization Options

With a ton of different colors, textures and patterns to choose from, the design of your new TopDek marine flooring is only limited by your imagination. Mix and match any color combination you desire. Customize your new boat floor with logos, names or images precisely engraved into the material. Whatever you desire, we will work with you to make it a reality!

Easy to Install

TopDek marine flooring is extremely easy to install. With our proprietary marine grade pressure sensitive adhesive backing, installation of your new boat floor is as simple as peel and stick! 

Comfortable and Quiet

No shoes allowed, just the way we like it! Rest assured that your new TopDek marine flooring will be comfortable on the feet and has tremendous anti-fatigue benefits for when you’re standing for long periods of time cruising or fishing. In addition to comfort, TopDek PE/EVA foam delivers superior sound dampening characteristics.

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