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How to Install TopDek

View step by step instructions on how to install TopDek in your boat. See how easy it is to install!
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Dry Fit Template Instructions

Comprehensive instructions for using the Dry Fit Template.  Use the dry fit template to ensure the accuracy of your precut flooring.
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DIY Template Instructions

Comprehensive Instructions for creating your own flooring template.

How To Clean EVA Foam

HOW TO CLEAN TOPDEK To clean dirt, footprints, etc. from your decking, we recommend Hula RAD 5 Cleaner and water along with a medium bristle deck brush. Spray directly on a cool surface and not in direct sunlight. Lightly move…

Care and Storage

STORING TOPDEK Unpack your TopDek upon receiving. Decking may be rolled or folded inside the package for delivery. This is okay for short- term transportation. However, if left like this during long-term storage, permanent curling or creases can develop. To…
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