TopDek Full Sheet | 46″ x 93″ | 7.5mm w/PSA


Made in the U.S.A. – TopDek is the first and only marine foam decking product that’s proudly made and manufactured 100% in America!

Our foam sheets are 100% closed cell so it doesn’t absorb water, has the highest UV ratings possible (5,000+ hours), comes in sheet sizes 46″ x 93″ and has a standard thickness of 7.5mm. Formulated exclusively for TopDek and engineered specifically for the harshest outdoor marine environments, our crosslinked performance marine decking is stain resistant, durable and attractive!


If you’d like to order pre-pattern sheets already engraved, please select your pattern below. Great for DIY projects!

None Teak +$75.00 Honeycomb +$100.00 Diamond +$100.00 Fish Scale +$100.00
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