How To Clean EVA Foam


  1. To clean dirt, footprints, etc. from your decking, we recommend Hula RAD 5 Cleaner and water along with a medium bristle deck brush. Spray directly on a cool surface and not in direct sunlight. Lightly move around the cleaner with a soft or medium bristle brush. Let sit for 15-30 seconds. Add a small amount of water to the surface and lightly scrub again before rinsing. Repeat if necessary. Also safe to use on upholstery and carpet.
  2. To remove suntan lotion, use Hula RAD 5 alone with a medium bristle brush. Put a small amount of Hula RAD 5 on sain. Dip medium bristle brush in warm water and work around until stain is removed. Rinse with water. Repeat if needed.
  3. To remove rust stains, use a cap full of Grunt Cleaner. Apply on the rust stain and allow to soak for 3-5 minutes. If necessary, use latex/nitrile gloves to massage the cleaner into the brushed or embossed texture of the decking. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary, the rust stain will eventually be removed. With Grunt cleaner, please be careful to avoid getting this solvent on the sides of the decking, it could damage the lamination or PSA. Please be careful with all other cleaning products. Wear vinyl or nitrile gloves and eye protection.


  • Mineral Spirits 
  • Grunt Cleaner (not as a general cleaner, okay for Step 4 application only) 
  • Acetone (if it must be used, avoid the adhesives as best as possible) 
  • Bleach (if used, dilute 1:1 with water) 

For best cleaning results, tend to all stains, spills, and leaks as soon as possible!

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